Interview Tips – Dos and Donts Of Interview

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Continuing with the posts on Interview Tips, Dos and Donts of Interview, this one is about

What You Must Avoid In An Interview

There are a set interview dos and donts, listed below are the five must avoids during an interview.

1. Never Criticize Your Current Employer or Your Previous Employer (s)

Refrain from making any negative comment about your current or any of your previous employers during the interview. Even if you have a view on the way your current company or the previous company operates, the values, practices, processes, its best to keep it to your self during the interview. People often get tempted to opine, albeit contextually, even if that is the case, avoid doing so. If the interviewer (s) specifically ask your view about something about your organization, you may share your view. Also,be very sensitive when you are quoting any revenue figures or related data during the interview about your company. Use your discretion about the information that you would share during the interview such that it should not reflect negatively about the organization or any employee there.

2. Refrain From Making A Personal Comment About Issues / Organization(s)

The other must avoid in the dos and donts in an interview  is to refrain from making a personal comment on any issue/organization during the interview. Various course of discussion during an interview may lead to one making a comment on a certain professional’s conduct/decision etc or even a common issue that has been in the news etc. Its advised to avoid making making a personal comment about such things during an interview. A good interview etiquette is to stick to the question asked and respond objectively to that.   If you want the job, you will be keen to give your best interview , isn’t it? Should an interviewer ask your personal opinion on a subject/issue/organization, you may then use your discretion to respond to it. Usually, this happens once the chemistry/comfort level between the interviewer and interviewee is established, in that case, you may consider responding to teh views being asked for. But never, on your own. Remember, interview is an opportunity for you to showcase your professional attributes, you should be working towards steering the conversation in such a manner such that you get maximum opportunities to communicate your suitability to the job and the organization.

 3. Do Not Drop Names Of People You Know In The Organization Or Otherwise

It is an annoying experience when the candidate across the table keeps dropping names of individuals of repute and stature during the interview process. It is even more undesirable to drop names of senior people in the company for which you are being interviewed. It is not a good interview practice. Even if you know people in the company, allow the interviewers to take a decision about you based on merit and your abilities. Quoting names, nature of relationship with individuals in the organization reflects ‘Unprofessional Conduct‘  about you.  If you have been referred to the organization by someone and if the interviewer asks you details about that, you must oblige them. Please run through the Interview Dos and Donts in your mind before going in for any interview discussion such that you must avoid any such mistakes.

4. Do Not Go Casually Dressed For An Interview

Unless you have found out that the organization propagates casual dressing for their employees on all days, do not appear for an interview casually dressed. In an interview, it is imperative that you not only sound your best, look  your best too. Interviewers expect candidates to be suitably attired for an interview and it is one of the considerations for selection. If you must, due to unavoidable circumstances, have to appear casually attired for the interview, it is advisable to send a prior communication regarding this to the interviewing company. make sure you communicate the reason for your casual attire. If you cannot communicate in advance, apologize once you show up for the interview.  It will pay if you show up suitably attired though, so take the pains and stick to the Interview Etiquette.

5. Do Not Misrepresent Facts

In an interview, however difficult the questions(s) may appear, even if you are struggling with the perfect response to questions, DO NOT LIE. You never know when your statements will be thrown back at you and haunt you. Misrepresentation of facts during an interview is an offence. Stay away from it. If you struggle with the questions, be honest, take your time and frame the answers. In fact, you may e mail your response to the questions that you could not reply at the time of interview the next day after putting your thoughts together to articulate your response. It is advisable to give your own response to the questions asked rather than giving the ‘perfect response’.

Run the list of about job interview dos and donts in your mind while you are commuting to the venue of the interview, the items will be  in the forefront of your memory and will guide your performance in the interview in the right direction. This will certainly take you closer to getting the dream job.

For more on Interview Tips, Dos and Donts Of Interview, you may write in to us with your specific question.

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