How To Get Promoted at Workplace? Is Promotion to the Next Level Really Important?

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How To Get Promoted at Workplace? Why Is Promotion to the Next Level Important?

So here’s what’s been happening… with many companies announcing the annual increments and promotions – some of you are celebrating and few may also be enjoying other’s success and waiting for their own turn. That’s the story here,around me.

While discussing the annual performance appraisal result of one of the readers (he wrote to me to discuss his annual appraisal and we got on a skype call to discuss what went right and what could have been better and why he may have missed the promotion and the next job via the fast track career management program), His only query initially was

“How to get promoted? ” My responses was directed to the post (click here). 

Eventually, we touched upon multiple aspects of how performance is measured in an organization and the role of an employee in the performance appraisal process, few ground rules of how to get a promotion etc to put things in perspective and work with him to find reasons about his own promotion criteria and why he could not make it to the list

My reader was frank enough to participate in a thread bare discussion and allowed us to chronicle

# the activities during the year

# The KRAs agreed in the beginning of the year

# Mid – term performance appraisal feedback

# major assignments worked in

# Special projects assigned

# significant achievements

misses during the year

while in the discussion to get an all round view of how the year went by and how his reporting manager and business head may have perceived his performance in the context of considering him for the next role in the higher grade – eventually he was not offered but this gave him and me the opportunity to engage in a post performance appraisal feedback discussion. No feedback discussion is easy to deal with and not surprising, my reader was visibly upset, rather perplexed as well ( could gauge that over the call).

Well, we started with how to take feedback constructively and then moved on the above listed items one by one to help him believe in his strength and commit to work on areas of improvement – notwithstanding a promotion or elevation. Ideally, one would have wanted to know tips on how get the promotion, but we avoided that topic in this discussion – explaining to him that not getting a promotion is not the end of the road and that if at all, then the promotion is an eventuality of many factors going right – some within control and some extraneous!

While its true that you can get what you really want and it happens often but it is also true that extraneous circumstances may play a vital role in such decision and despite your best efforts, you may still be not on the bus! Its important to recognize this reality. And what is best efforts? Isnt it relative? My best may still not qualify to your standards of ‘best’!

Ok, so What are extraneous circumstances?

Things beyond your control. E,g.

#Company policies changing,

#Sudden decision to go through a no promotion year

#Your business vertical

# Capping the number of promotion or % employees to be promoted

# sudden change of the reporting head and new person not having enough view

The list may be quite long and exhaustive – rather ambiguous. What may be extraneous to an employee may well be in the ambit of the organization fold. The point is any factor that is beyond an employee’s control may be termed as extraneous circumstances.

Coming back to my reader’s concern over “Why I missed the promotion?” and “How to Work on Feedback?” – the skype call that lasted for over an hour and half, we collectively concluded the following and decided to connect after 90 days to do a  stock taking on how he is faring and what inputs are required further :

We also asked the fundamental question yet again: Why is the promotion to the next level important?

This time we also asked : Is the promotion really that important at all?

# Work for getting better at your work, not only on the promotion

It is just easier to work with this mindset. The idea is not to not seek growth and progression, those eventualities will happen – keeping them outside your immediate objective will ease the pressure and you will enjoy work fare more.

# Own Satisfaction is the Biggest Reward

The empty feeling even when your work id recognized by everyone but your self can be daunting! The biggest reward for a professional is the satisfaction of self. If you are happy and satisfied with your efforts, stand by it.

# Focus on the Road Ahead and not a Milestone

The road ahead is limitless and one never knows where progression and growth comes from instead of being myopic and only restricting one’s vision to a promotion or the predictable next role.  Focusing on skill development, adding new competencies and giving 100% in every work that you undertake can open far many more doors of opportunities and growth.

#Opportunities Make for Career Success

One promotion at best entitles you to better perks at work. If you are seeking career success, keep your eye on the ball – Various Opportunities at existing work place. Opportunities to work on diverse assignments, working with diverse people, working on important deals for the company, being  a part of teams that genuinely contribute to organization success, work with people whom you can learn from – promotion to the next level could be the eventuality of all these

It is traditional thinking that only an elevation of grade and increased perks are equivalent to promotion at work place; any opportunity to become better, getting recognized and working on more challenging assignment is truly getting promoted at work!

As of now, Focus on what is at hand and do it well. In no time it will be this time of the year again and with all items ticked you may well be on the list and celebrating your success – You promotion and perhaps in some way reflecting on your own answer to the question: How to get promoted?

How To Get Promoted at Workplace? Why Is Promotion to the Next Level Important?

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