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How often have you consulted a Career help Book to attend to your Career Problem solving ?

It is overwhelming for me to share that a lot of professionals who look out for Career guide book or Career Help Book have read my book, Your Career Build It Your Way and have complemented me on the way the book has been valuable to them. Initially, I was startled with their feedback and compliments but upon a deeper think, I relate to their feedback in more ways than one. Perhaps, my book is all about real life career related concerns, struggles, queries and solutions. I deliberately quoted examples of my colleagues’ career experiences apart from my own as these are authentic and I have witnessed them. There is a conviction behind the solutions that I have suggested to the common career problems since I have either experienced those problems myself or have been a close observer of my colleagues and friends going through similar problems. Being an HR professional, I have often helped professionals through Career Counselling to help them achieve their career milestones, overcome failure and believe in themselves.

So how does a Career Help Book assist in Career Problem Solving?

The below five are the features of good and effective Career Help Book:

  1. It inspires you to believe that having a good career is a primary ingredient to having a good life
  2. It teaches you the importance of accepting realities about career and related problems. It helps shift ‘starry eyed career starter’ to a ‘achievement oriented career builder’
  3. It emphasizes the fact that career building is a serious business, it does not happen by chance or by luck. Making career choices is critical at every stage. Decision Making about companies to join, roles/assignments to take up etc are made easier if one has an effective career guide to refer to
  4. It widens the perspectives of a professional and helps distinguish between doing a job and pursuing a career
  5. It acts as a companion to refer to during times of professional crisis, challenges, job changes, pay check increases
Career Help Books are useful only when professionals are open enough to seek support to better their career graph. Most people shy away from accepting their limitations about building a career and restrict themselves due to this thought process. Its is crucial to recognize the problem, if you have one that is keep you away from achieving your next career milestone. 
I wrote my book keeping in  mind all those career finders whose career assessments are misplaced. I wrote the book also keeping in mind the career builders in their formative years of their career (first five years). I did also think of such professionals who while doing their jobs have forgotten that once they also had dreams and believed of having a career.
Why Your Career Build It Your Way is a career help book?
  1. It helps you restore your own belief in your self, your abilities, your talent and your dreams about your career
  2. It urges you to look for opportunities in your current job in order to advance  your career
  3. It infuses the energy to explore your professional talents all over again and pave the way to success in your career
  4. Through real life examples, it offers solutions to common and unique career problems that could be relevant to you too
  5. Emphasizes the fact that a little change at your end will move your career to several notches up
  6. Establishes the fact that most professionals are themselves the limitation due to which they do not earn the pay check they deserve
Should you want to advance your career, perform better in your current job and earn the pay check you deserve, this career help book will help you fulfill your wants. Your Career Build It Your Way.

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