HR Crest Partners With People With A Cause – This Time With Funzoa

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HR Crest Partners With People With A Cause – This Time With Funzoa


Yes, you will be surprised that why is HR Crest hosting a page like this? It is neither related to Human Resources, nor Career Success, not even related to Interview Tips !

This is not even related to how you can make public presentations but much much more than this.

A friend of mine felt very strongly for all the lonely hearts around and made this cute video where Teddy Dilwali cries her heart out why no one loves her. In the series of cute entertaining videos, watch Teddy Dilwali learning Bollywood lessons, Threatening to commit suicide (yes, she is up on the ceiling fan) and many more of her antics – bound to make you laugh!

When I first saw it, I laughed by guts out but later realized this could be the story of many lives and its not to be laughed at. That is when I decided to partner with the people behind making this as a mark of solidarity to all lonely hearts. Well, on a serious note, the cute entertainment video channel, Funzoa promises to publish videos are entertaining and light herated that can be viewed by kids and adults alike.

Watch at your own risk and if you see through the pain, like it and also subscribe to the channel which promises to post funny videos with a message.

Teddy Dilwali, for lonely hearts This Time With Funzoa

HR Crest Partners With People With A Cause – This Time With Funzoa

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