Career Development And Planning – Video Tutorial On Career Guidance

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Career Development And Planning – Video Tutorial On Career Guidance


In my career, if I had to categorize the kind of people I have helped resolve their problems and analyze the nature of problems that most people have, I can say with conviction

Most people don’t have a career and that is their most difficult problem that they are unable to resolve.

They try all kind of tricks and listen to advice that other people tell them and best they do is move from one job to the other and another.

They get jobs, sometime better ones too… Career, still remains elusive!

The common belief among such people is

Organizations offer career hence one must join such organizations.

Yes, Organizations offer career BUT to only those who want one for themselves. The problem I discussed earlier is because most people assume career comes free with the job!

Not Correct!

Even if you join the best organization and have the best job there, career may still be elusive!

The only way to build a career is by ‘wanting to build a career’.

The video tutorial on Career Development and career Planning will help you understand your career better and also make a successful career


Career Development And Planning is discussed at length in the book, Your Career Build It Your Way
and the Video Tutorial On Career Guidance is an add- on for the book.

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