Induction Program For New Joiners – Induction Program Venue Checklist

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Welcome New Joinee


My previous articles on New Employee Induction program have been on ‘What is Induction program?’ and “how to Design Induction program for new employees?’.

In this post, I would like to share the checklist while conducting an Induction program for New Joiners.


While preparing for an employee Induction Program, it is important that you pay attention to the following activities:

1. Selection of the Venue

2. Seating Arrangements

3. Ambiance of the room 

4. External Noise / sound 

5. Accessibility to water/tea/coffee

6. Vibrant room with enough information on the company, aesthetically presented

7. Audio Visual system without any glitch

8. Big screen and a proper projector

9. Lighting of the room

10. Flip – chart stands with enough charts and marker pens

These preparations are crucial for the effectiveness if any new employee induction program. paying attention to these hygiene factors of the venue will go a long way of communication the culture of the organization to the new employee / new joiners.


Branding of the Venue for the new employee induction program:

The crux of any program is where and how the program is held. New employee induction program is a big opportunity to convey the culture, values, visions, demonstrated behavior of the organization. It is an opportunity to showcase the organization to the new employee and help him/her validate the decision of joining the company. Every new employee makes an impression about the organization during the New Employee Induction program. Hence, as HR Manager, it is imperative that you design and conduct the  New Joiners Induction program efficiently.

Selection of venue and branding of the same, if done creatively, can go a long way to convey the right things about an organization. Below are my suggestions that you can use while deciding the venue for New Employee Induction Program:

1. A brightly lit neat and clean room

2. Fair amount of POPs about the company . You may get

# Posters made about the Company vision and values

# Key features about the company and its products

# Key milestones achieved by the company

# A collage of prominent news, press releases, photos of important events

3. Branding the Induction program , giving it a name and then build a communication deck on the chosen name. I know of companies who have a name for their New employee induction program and the room is named after that. If you have an exclusive room to conduct employee induction program, you may call the room that as well. For Example, if your induction program is called ‘Alaap’, you may name the Induction Program venue as ‘Alaap Griha’.

4. It is useful to generate a sense of curiosity about the Induction program among the new joiners. During the post joining communication, the HR Manager, may refer to the Induction program name to the new employee

5. The Induction room should be conducive  for the new employees to conclude their joining formalities, if that is a part of the Induction program. It is usually helpful to have the new joiners complete their Joining formalities during an Induction program.


Miscellaneous Points To Keep In Mind: 

1. If it is a day long Induction program, ensure that the same is communicated to the new employee in advance

2. New Joiners are a bit lost in the new company for the few days, a communication kit along with the welcome letter is a good idea. The communication kit should guide the employee to the various dos and don’ts of the company. It may also contain details of canteen facility, library, conference rooms, work place etiquette etc.

3. If you are using an audio visual to share information (it is a great way to hold attention) , the same should be projected well for everyone to be able to see and grasp the details.

4. Avoid using theater style seating,  try to have  cluster style seating instead. It helps new joiners to befriend their colleagues and facilitate a discussion during the Induction program.

5. An interactive New Employee Induction program makes learning fun! A quiz at the end of the program is a good idea to cross check if the participants of the program have imbibed the information you set out to share about the company.

6. Collecting feedback through a structured feedback design is a good concluding activity. This will help you as an HR Manager to keep improving on the Induction Program design and content as well as how you conduct it.


As an HR Manager, you know your organization the best and you would be the right person to decide how best you would like to communicate the critical information about the company.

Should you have more ideas on How to conduct an Induction Program, feel free to share at

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