The Growing Need for an HR Manager – What HR Managers’s Role is all About?

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The Growing Need for an HR Manager – What HR Managers’s Role is all About?

Ever company is bounded by the labour law of the country. The human resource team of this company are those select few who make sure  these laws are abided by them. Apart from that the HR team strives to endeavour to recruit and sustain quality employees. They are the law makers and deciding factory in any stable company.

Broadly, a company’s capital is divided among two categories – Human Capital and Service/Product Capital. The first one is on which the company spends resources so that they can achieve profits in the latter. Spending money in terms of benefits, salaries and other perks helps the company to achieve their desired goal. An HR team overlooks the company’s human capital so that they remain focused and achieve the goal set by the company

While some still question as to why we need an HR manager, here are some of the main reasons why having an HRM helps the company for better:

Cost Savings

An HR contributes to cost saving of a company. They implement various HR strategies that help and support various business goals; that in turn helps to make the business more efficient. They optimize the use of the human resource in the company.

Managing Performance

They are the monitoring part of the organisation, they monitor all the employees that work in the organisation. If required they are the ones that give appraisals, hikes and promotion to the deserved candidates and warnings to the ones that don’t.

Helping Companies Manage their Staff Fairly

Following the laws and rules, HR’s determine the company policies, that make sure that the organisation treats the employees fairly and with due diligence.

Training & Development

Every employee needs a certain amount of training and development to perform the job beyond expectations. Especially in today’s world where technology is evolving in a rapid state. One of the other duty as an HR is to know when training and development is required and make sure that the employees receive it.


They are the hiring and firing department of any company. They make sure that they intake the best of candidates, sustain them and if they are not working out – relieve them.

Employee Engagement

HR’s main motive is to keep the company’s employees happy and satisfied. One of the best ways to do it is to introduce various employee engagement tactics. From games, get together to awards and employee recognition ceremony – HR makes sure that each and every employee feel valued and benefit in some way from the company.

There is a reason why they are called an HR manager, they are the ones that are primarily dealing with the human resources of the company and getting the most efficient work out of them. For any strong company, having a good HR team is of utmost importance. Hiring the crème del-a-crème, retaining and satisfying the employees that are already there and helping the company to make profits out of their human resources are the main aim of an HR Manager.

If you are reading this article, you have understood by now the importance of an HR manager in an organisation. Every organisation needs well-trained HR managers. Jobs as a HR manager are in demand and will always be in demand. According to the, more than 5000 jobs are available across top companies in India.  For a successful Career in the Human Resources, however, you have to desire qualification to efficiently perform the above mentioned roles.

An MBA in Human Resource Management trains you to take up the multi-faceted job duties of an HR manager.  Study programs in HRM usually include human resources topics such as employment laws, international human resources policies combining with business topics like marketing, accounting and finance management. Also compare education programs based on fees, course details and of course placements before joining any study program. Earn a degree from any reputed institute and start getting calls from top companies. 

An MBAin Human Resource Management trains you to take up the multi-faceted job duties of an HR manager.


The Growing Need for an HR Manager – What HR Managers’s Role is all About?

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