Manage Change Effectively At Workplace – Change Your Lenses and Outlook

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How to Manage Change Effectively At Workplace? A question many ask at different junctures of their careers. whether it is  change in the role, change in employment, change in the industry, the jitters are a part of it – mostly arising out of the expectation that one needs to succeed! OS, how to be successful and use any change favorably and successfully?

In this very brief post, I try to outline how to make the change of workplace, employer and industry work for you by making a few simple commandments :

The forever applicable old adage “Change in constant” and “Change is inevitable” are defining factors for anyone’s professional career as they are for any individual’s life.

Through my variety of experience on dealing with change in the professional space, each transition has brought about opportunity for transformation and fostered the learning curve northwards.

One of the greatest learning experiences that I have had during the process of change was when I moved industries and cities at the same time with a new assignment.  This significant development fueled the need to adopt a fresh outlook towards the professional challenges, managing expectations of the organization and meeting the stretched deliverable.

The professional challenges at hand as a consequence to this change were on three accounts:

Understand the Nature of the new Industry

Develop adequate knowledge about the business environment

Assess the Organization Environment and deliver the Role efficiently

Large part of my professional grooming had happened in one particular industry so my knowledge of my domain was developed essentially based on the expectations of that industry from the role that was assigned to me.  When I moved to the new industry, I encountered the first change in terms of the complexity and the pace at which the industry functions, it was very different from the one I had worked earlier in.

When the Industry is fast paced and the nature of business is complex at the same time, the dynamics of any role multiplies and it challenges one’s capabilities in every aspect. I found myself in a  situation where in I had to view every aspect of my role differently.  The deliverables and expectations of the role that I had assumed for last few years were completely different though my overall domain was the same, I,e Human resources. I had just moved up in the hierarchy, so I had moved from a Junior Management role to a Middle Management role but I was still very much the Human Resource Professional that I have been prior to joining the new industry.

So, what were the “first things first” to do for me to rise and shine in the new role as the Human resources Business partner:

Unlearn most of what I had learnt till date

Identify the HR challenges in the new industry

Plot the Critical Success Factors keeping the role in mind

 Identify the pitfalls and define how to hedge them

Prioritize the list of “to dos “ to align with the overall HR agenda of the organization

Its simple, keep the positive outlook and draw the strength from your previous successes to approach your new role, employer and industry…. Help is always at hand, just ask for it and you are well within the way of creating another success story!

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