How Can a Translucent Communication Channel Make a Workplace Worthy & Positive

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Work is the centre of our lives. We learn, groom and more importantly we earn our ‘bread and butter’ from it. Corporations all around the world work on a set of protocols and these protocols are overseen by a proper smooth flow communication. A strong and a highly interactive environment not only boost collaboration among departments but also make it possible for the organization to invariably express itself to the outer world. Poor communication amongst the people in a company is a result of opaqueness and inability to walk up straight and talk to each other.

Imagine a situation where the sales, marketing and the product development team of an organization are working on a project and there are instances when the team is not interacting on certain issues. There can be devastating results and project may go haywire.

Maintaining transparent communication within a work setting can also pump positivity in boss-resource relationship. Here’s why maintaining transparency in a communication channel within a company is important:

1. Fosters Better Organizational Culture

The foremost thing that builds rapport of a company or an organization is the culture that it has. Employees already working or an aspirant frames his/her decisions to stay in the company or join firstly on the basis of the culture followed. A better culture is possible when there is a better relation amongst employees and their superiors; as then only there can be a peaceful environment. A peaceful environment not only makes it easier for people to work but also generates a favourable breeding ground for a newbie to come.

This is quiet straight and simple; better relations leads to happy environment and a happy surrounding builds better culture to be followed.

2. Brings Out Solutions to Problems

Whether it’s a random project-related issue or a cropped up fight between employees or their bosses; a proper communication can help the most perplexing of problems. A clear interaction can bring about hidden complexities and can coax the resolvers to come in front

and solve them. Hidden and confusing issues seldom possess chances of getting solved and therefore, it is important that transparent communication is encouraged. Even in work, if there is less opacity and un-ambiguity in the talks then there are chances that problems can be solved by mutual co-operation and that too in no time.

3. Empowers People

If the communication path is clear then the people working in the organization will stay absolutely motivated and positive. A company runs on the principals on business-oriented strategies and a business can run good if and only if the people are effective in their work. If the workforce is productive then the company will run well. An employee to stay happy and work it is important that the culture and surrounding is calm, which is assured b y sound and clear communication.

Translucent communication line is not only problem-resolvers but also bring in a lot of closeness amongst employees in terms of work and personal relationship that is shared.

4. Creates Right Expectations

When people speak clearly; things look clear and expectations that are chalked down are even more feasible. Whether in work or in general conversations; it is important that transparency is maintained so that any cropped up issue look crystal clear and the authorities can take up correct measures to build a working system for it. Moreover, the expectations associated are also clearly set and the employees can work accordingly within the right time frame. This makes up to a lighter schedule and thereby productivity can definitely be expected.

5. A Happy Clientele & Goodwill

A global company has a clientele that hails from different nations and geographies. The employees are asked to serve clients better for the organization to flourish. A communication channel has to be less opaque and clear enough to understand the client’s need and get them into action. Moreover, if the employees aren’t clear in what they speak then talking to clients from different nations becomes an arduous task. Need of the hour is to be clear in words and upfront yet polite while you are trying to maintain translucency in communiqué.

A happy and delighted clientele leads to a better organizational value.

The Verdict

A clear communication with the right amount of transparency not only brings in a positive working environment but also avoid surprises. Moreover, the expectations are set clear and thus met as well so that trust is not broken on the either side.

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