Why and How to Promote Diversity in Your Workforce

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Workplace diversity is one of the hottest topics nowadays. Many human resource gurus vouch for its effectiveness and many organizations are now making efforts to promote diversity. Numerous countries have implemented strict laws to protect the rights of working employees of different cultural backgrounds to prevent discrimination and make sure they receive equal opportunities and treatment. Not only this, numerous surveys and awards have also been introduced to measure workplace diversity and recognize those organizations which take it very seriously.

Promoting and achieving diversity at the workplace is not easy. It takes a lot of efforts. Moreover, organizations feel that it does not contribute to increased profits for a business. Then, why should one promote workplace diversity? What great can a business achieve from it? Here’s what in it for the organizations:

  • An organization with a strong diversity management in place is more likely to be successful and profitable. Such organizations are committed to retaining qualified people with different perspectives who are capable of understanding the diverse customer base of the business. This gives companies a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • A diverse staff brings with itself diverse talents and individual experiences which can be used to find solutions to myriad problems be it related to a particular customer community or understanding the requirements of a client of a different nationality.
  • A diverse employee base means access to diverse skills and knowledge such as languages and understanding of different cultures. This prepares the organization to cater to a more global audience.
  • A diverse workforce brings with itself varying points of view and a larger pool of ideas which can be used to design winning business strategies.

All the benefits discussed above lead to increased profitability which is the ultimate goal of every business. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that promoting diversity at the workplace is something every organization must take seriously. Companies must employ a diverse staff and adopt strategies that assist in building a culturally diverse workforce. However, this won’t be enough. To utilize the strengths of a culturally diverse workforce, organizations have to first spread awareness about the importance of respecting diversity amongst its employees.

Outlined below are a few ways in which organizations can promote diversity:

More sensitive HR policies:
Make your HR policies that are sensitive to the needs of employees from culturally diverse backgrounds. The best way to promote diversity at your workplace is to make your holiday calendar, off days and office celebrations more in-line with the people from diverse cultures. Organizations can celebrate festivals from different cultures such as Holi, Chinese New Year, etc., to make people aware and help them respect different cultures.

Provide training to employees across hierarchy:
One of the major reasons behind dissatisfaction among employees of diverse backgrounds is the prejudices and cultural assumptions they have to face at the workplace. To correct this situation, it is important that organizations include diversity training as a part of the new hire program and impart advanced level training on the same subject to employees holding managerial positions. Such training helps employees to understand and respect cultural differences and prepare them to interact with each other more openly and effectively.

Provide equal opportunities for growth:
A good leader / manager always appreciates its employees when they do a good job. S/he never bases their decision of providing training or preparing their employees for higher responsibilities on the basis of their cultural background. Such decisions should always be based on one’s caliber and nothing else. If your company and its leadership are fair, only then the organization will be able to fully utilize the capabilities of its culturally diverse workforce.


With the individual economies getting global, the workplaces are getting more culturally diverse. To make your business successful, embracing diversity is important and the above-mentioned points will help you do the same in your organization.

All the best!

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