Group Discussion Tips – Your Own GD handbook on Dos and Donts Of Group Discussions

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Group Discussion Tips – Your Own GD handbook Is Here

To play well, follow the rules well…

 Crossing the English channel is a dream of many swimmers, but if someone doesn’t know the styles and strokes of swimming and doesn’t have an idea about how to swim across such a huge channel, he/she is bound of succumbed to death in the frozen water.

 Group discussions are more like that. There are some norms or rules that are to be read, learnt and then practiced so as to give your best shot! It’s an elimination game conducted by the companies to leave out those who don’t have the understanding of how to grasp topics, converse well with people and lead the group by setting examples…So the best thing is to give yourself the exposure towards understanding such rules and then to practice them with your peers to master the art and sail through the selection process.

In my Group Discussion handbook, I have mentioned precisely some DOs and Don’ts of Group Discussion  and also have shared some contemporary insights on handling situations in GD.

 Excerpts from the Group Discussion Hand book:

 A)    Dos of a Group Discussion

  •  Listen to others. It is not necessary to initiate the discussion
  • Initiate the discussion if you are familiar with the topic
  • Intervene if the discussion is turning out to be hostile
  •  Speak to the point without repeating
  • Back your points with facts & figures
  • Be gentle with your presentation
  • Be natural, calm & composed
  • Be participative and reciprocative
  • Greet the group members before you start speaking for the first time

*** Please refer to the book to know more about the DOs and Don’ts…

Apart from the list of Dos and Don’ts, in this Group Discussion handbook, I have shared some more norms that you need to adhere to while facing the real life GDs.

Some situations and cases have been presented as hypothetical Group Discussion situations with some elaborations…

Excerpts from the Group Discussion Hand book :

A Case in point-

How should I address the fellow participants?

Group Discussions have some set of norms. And many people forget or get confused about the way they should address the fellow participants.

 Follow a simple rule: 

My dear friend….always address your fellow group members by using the word called ‘Friend’. There can’t be any better word than that. Avoid calling their names as you may not know all the names.

 Hence, the best practice is to call your fellow participants as ‘ My dear friend’.

 I have seen people facing problems in pronouncing names or memorizing them. Subsequently, they lose focus from their content. So don’t get into this hassle of calling names or recalling them. Follow this simple rule that I have shared in this article and make things look better.

The Group Discussion hand book is full of such useful GD Tips and suggestions to help you lead in the group discussion.

To get more exposure to the other set of rules and possible situation in a Group Discussion, please download the free handbook on GD from

 Group Discussion Tips – Your Own GD handbook Is Here

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