Group Discussion Tips – GD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) And Answers

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Group Discussion Tips – GD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) And Answers

Group discussion participation needs preparation of various kinds. Keeping in mind that most organization/colleges/forums use Group Discussion as a tool for elimination, it becomes even more important that you prepare yourself on every aspect of GD to get selected.

Usually, the selection ration in a Group Discussion may range from 20 -40% (depending on the size of the groups) and the best among the equals make it for the next round.

To be the best among the equals; preparation is the key. The more you prepare yourself for the day of your GDs, higher the success ratio of getting selected.

So, how do you prepare yourself for the Group discussion?

  • Read Journals and book 
  • Keep up with the current affairs and relevant issues across the globe
  • Develop a point of view on abstract and concept topics
  • Be prepared to deal with an unknown topic
  • Practice public speaking 
  • Familiarize yourself with the GD Etiquette
  • Follow the Dos and Don’t of Group Discussion
A well prepared participant is visible during the GD process and that brightens his selection chances. Any input that you may receive before the GD is useful.
Do you know that even if you don’t know about a topic that has been given to your group, you can succeed in a group discussion if you are good at articulating your thought?
Yes, if you can articulate your thoughts and express them through the right choices of words, you can still score in the GD on a topic that you are not well versed with.
  • The way to deal with an unknown topic is to allow others to start the discussion while you listen
  • Listening to others will spark thoughts in your mind
  • This will help you to build upon those and express your own views on the topic

Most important thing is to NOT PRESS THE PANIC button if the topic given by your moderator is not known to you.

In the book titled, Your Own Group Discussion Handbook, the author writes in details about

  • How To Prepare for a Group Discussion 
  • The Frequently Asked 
  • Dos and Dont of  a Group Discussion
  • GD etiquette and manners 
  • Situation questions related to GD

You can download a free copy of the book, Your own Group Discussion Handbook from the following link and get yourself oriented to the nuances of a GD. Give yourself the key to get selected in Group discussions.

Group Discussion Tips – GD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) And Answers

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