Build Your Career- Career Planning & Career Development Book

Whether you are an HR, Business, Engineering or Medical Professional, If you haven’t classified Career Planning & Development as your priority, it means you are just prolonging your financial freedom and real satisfaction from your efforts.

My words while I received my HR award were :

“Every action has a reaction. A job gets one money but a career gets one recognition and accolades. I have been loyal to my dream of the latter and today I have both. A job that pays handsomely and recognition to be proud of! My efforts to build a career in Human Resources have been consistently rewarded with successful results. This awards reinstates my faith that people who are true to their careers are appreciated and recognized” 

What is your script?

Would you not like to develop a career in Human Resources?

and why only in Human Resources? You may be in any profession.

Career Tips & Advices

I’m sure you want to advance and build your career to find success and glory in your area of work. If you are one of them, come on board and join me while I walk you through the journey of discovering the secret code that will transform your professional life forever.

Are you ready for it? Read on..

You must belong to the one of the 3 categories of professionals, who have found tremendous value from my Career Planning & Development book.

# The career seekers, who want genuine and credible advice to give their career the necessary thrust such that they graduate from doing a mere job to pursuing a career

# Connuesseriurs of sites, who keep a tab on quality sites and review the content, scout for a mutually beneficial association and pursue partnership

# People who have a lot of time to spend on the net and they surf aimlessly and land up on any and every site, spend a few seconds (Contribute to the traffic dashboards of the site) and move on to the next site with a blink of an eye. These people are perhaps the one who are looking for something more meaningful in their lives but have not been able to understand, what exactly is that



You need not be one to belong to the third category. The fact that you have come to this site and reading this means you are serious about your career and you want to focus in your Career Development.

I am happy to help you in your career development path. Come on board.

For me, as a HR mentor and Professional, each one of you can find value in my advice in this comprehensive guide.

For starters, A career that is most elusive for large number of people in this world. I mean, most people make the crowd, isn’t it? Shopping malls, theatres, gardens, parks, there are just people and sometime it is difficult to tell one from the other! Most of them would have a steady income with fat salaries and they spend their money on unnecessary things to show off to unknown people and still feel empty inside. Well, nothing against them, I am sure they are happy. In my observation, most of them are still chasing something that will make them happy and give the sense of fulfillment that material possessions probably cannot.

For all those who earn hefty salaries in their current job, have the affordability, undoubtedly, but do they have the requisites to protect their jobs in the light of economic volatility and changing uncertain times?

Let me ask you, do you know whether you will have an equally rewarding job (the one you have now) twelve months down the line? You could do with some help on this, isn’t it? This is exactly why you are on this site.

When I was writing my book, Your Career Build It Your Way, my objective was to give the young professionals the power to hold on their jobs and derive satisfaction and success out of it besides protecting their income against the uncertain times of economy and world alike

As you would have heard in the video above, this book aims at helping you discover the powers within you and take a fresh look at your job not as a mere job but in light of your career development.

What is career development?

Tell me something, what does career mean to you? Struggling to answer? Let me answer it for you

Career is a journey where every milestone brings a sense of achievement, bonds you with success, make you grow as an individual and makes your bank balance grow.


Now, tell me do you have a career?

Your current job may be paying you rather well for you to comfort your family needs, buy the latest gadgets, take care of financial commitments et al.

Do you look forward to going to your workplace every day?

Is your energy at workplace enough to be infectious?

How often do you smile to yourself after having completed a rather challenging assignment?

Are you confident enough about your current job that no matter what happens tomorrow you will still be employed and draw the same or more salary?

Be honest to yourself, you don’t need to share your answer with me. As a Career Coach, I have learnt to be respectful to people’s private thoughts.

You know, this journey of unknown to the known is the journey from mediocrity to excellence!

The journey of leaving the code of your career success to others vis- a-vis having the power yourself!

You could be among the zillion people walking around in the mall with plastic  cards waiting to be swiped at every next shop today without the certainty that you will e able to visit the shops twelve months down the line!

You could be the rare few who have the power to be almost sure of being able to give your child the pride of belonging to a successful father or mother!

There is a difference, Isnt it?


To be among the few, you need to stand out of the crowd! Let me tell you how.

Your Career Build It Your Way

In my book, Your Career Build It Your Way, I have dedicated a chapter on how you should discover your originality, nurture it and make it work for you such that you stand out as an example of success, excellence and achievement.

Would you like to stand tall with pride that you have been able to cut the clutter and create a niche for yourself?

You can be what you want to be, it is that easy. It is just about waking up to what you want to be! That journey is a difficult one. Most people are scared to embark on that road hence resign to sleeping pills to get a good sleep at night.

But then, who has achieved greatness without its share of pain?

There is nothing wrong in mediocrity or living as a mediocre and be content with some amount fo salary growth every year and a few promotions at the mercy of your employer. You are most welcome to live like that forever, be my guest

But if you have missed the bus once about building a successful career, here is your second chance!

Affirm yourself of what you want to be, what you would like to achieve and where you would like to see yourself in a year from now!

Discover the 10 Power of Affirmations!

The secret code of your career success is a click away from you.

You are a nano second away from changing your professional and personal live forever! The choice is between a light meal with your loved ones now vis-à-vis fine dining with your loved ones forever!

The choice is yours! Opportunity knocks but once, this is why you are here! Affirm yourself that you will gift yourself and your loved ones the joy you have always wanted! The joy of a stable job, flourishing career, better living, better education, better vacations etc.

The choice is yours! To continue with your mediocre job and stay unhappy or press the accelerator a little harder to race ahead of your colleagues! A dime invested on time can make a fortune for you! Do you want it?

Your Career Build It Your Way, promises to

  1. Transform the professional in you to the kind you have admired, desired and been inspired
  2. Help you learn to differentiate between a job and career
  3. Make decisions about your salary and career yourself rather than allowing others to take it for you
  4. Teach you the power of affirmations to make things happen, your way
  5. Best the best in what you do and get bigger and better rewards
  6. Have a better life for yourself and your family

An act of trust now will make you the trusted ones in your company and community.

Trust the content of Your Career Build It Your Way.

Take your Career Planning And Development seriously if you havent yet. And you must channelize all your energy and focus into the best thing you do taking tips from my book you can download below.

Let me also share something with you. When I started my Human Resources career years ago, I also had a dream that one day I will be recognized in my profession. It was a latent aspiration, but it was. I never aspired for a fat pay, fancy designation or i did not waste time evaluating what my colleagues were doing, how better they were or how better was i at work.

I spent my time gaining more knowledge, focusing on my work, giving my best to develop my career.

And the day did come when in front of hundreds of professionals, I was given the award, “HR PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR” by the Asia Pacific HR Congress.

How did this happen?

Well, in this universe efforts is almost always equal to results, sometime delayed but it sure does lead to success. And my ability to believe in myself.

Believe in yourself 

Believe that you can make a career in your profession

Believe that you deserve to be the best in what you do

Believe that this is your career and you will make it happen

I am here to make you realize your dreams of building a career of pride!

As a Human Resource Professional, I can authoritatively share some tips with you to make an impressive Human Resource Career. That is not all, because I have spent over a decade in HR profession, I can very well help you build your career in any profession you are in.

Take my word for it. I have quoted examples of Anna, Maria and Kevin who have benefited from the career advice they got at the right time. That helped them give their career a new dimension and the necessary acceleration.

It is not your time to jump ship as yet, it is time to reshape your career with some practical and credible Career Tips!



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