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1. 60 Tips To Become An Efficient HR Manager

In the Book, 60 Tips To Become An Efficient HR Manager, one is expected to find 10 practical tips on each of the following areas of Human Resources function:
  • HR Partnering
  • Learning And Development
  • HR Role In Performance Management
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Employee Communication
  • HR Manager Effectiveness

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2. Your Own Group Discussion Handbook

The easy to read GD Tips book written in the Question – Answer (GD FAQs) format loaded with real examples shares some very important tips about:

  • Introduction – The Art of Doing Group Discussions
  • Group Discussion For Careers And Jobs
  • Dos And Dont Of Group Discussions
  • Group Discussion FAQs
  • Conclusion: Group Discussion Is Not A Fish Market – An Analogy

3. Your Career Build It Your Way

Your Career, Build It Your Way,is the Career Building Guide, you would always want to refer to during various situations at work, when you are unable to deal with the pressure of building a career and question yourself for your inabilities.

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