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HR InSights is a content centric social network. HR InSights strives to produce the very best in original content from global leading experts

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HR Insights is a collaborative network of HR Professionals, facilitating a fusion of discussion, content and learning. It allows You, the HR Professional to keep up to date with the latest in the HR industry and make new contacts across the globe,
from some of the most innovative companies.Reasons to sign up to HR Insights. Learn how to:
– Improve HR’s value to the organisation

- Develop a strategic role for HR
– Enhance HR’s contribution to business performance
– Raise the profile of the organisation’s people strategy
– Benefit from the latest ideas from leading experts and practitioners
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CVRite offers advice and resources to assist jobseekers with CV and resumè preparation. The tools include a step-by-step online CV builder, a downloadable CV template and advice pack, as well as numerous articles and examples related to CV writing and job seeking in general.

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